Corona_Collectorate Letters

S. No. Description Date
  Survey of Eligible Families for Dry Rashan Distribution 05-04-2020
  Milk and Dry Rashan Order 17-04-2020
  List of Division Warden  
  Atta Mil Chakki List  
  All Control Room List  
  Revised Nims Medical College and Hospital Kukas Quantitive center officer Duty 28-03-2020
  Officers for DSO Branch Narendra 28-03-2020
  Officers for DSO Branch Narendra and balbeer 28-03-2020
  Food Supply DSO First order 28-03-2020
  Equipment list inoformation CMHO 28-03-2020
  District War Room 28-03-2020
  Display Rate list on Shop 28-03-2020
  Corona Virus Infomartion format CMHO 28-03-2020
  Room No. 103 Order 27-03-2020
  Require 4 bus RSRTC for RTO office 27-03-2020
  Ramganz Stationwise order on curfew 27-03-2020
  Nims Medical College and Hospital Kukas Quantitive center officer Duty 27-03-2020
  Mask and Sentizer Distributation SDM Jaipur, Sanganer, amer 27-03-2020
  Industries Rural Control Room 27-03-2020
  ILR Work Charge in Ramganj in DSO Office 27-03-2020
  DSO first Control Room employee order 27-03-2020
  District War Room Nodal Officer 27-03-2020
  Cordon off Duites work order 27-03-2020
  Vehicle Manange for Food Distribution to RTO 26-03-2020
  Uninterupted Food Delivery Direction to DSO 26-03-2020
  Station wise OIC revise order 26-03-2020
  Static Control Room 26-03-2020
  Static Cell Staff order 26-03-2020
  Sentizier Distributation SDM letter 1 26-03-2020
  Sentizer Distrubation SDM letter 26-03-2020
  Sentizer available Nagar Nigam Letter 26-03-2020
  SDM Regular Food Delivery 26-03-2020
  Police Commissioner Blood Bank Camp 26-03-2020
  Mask and Sentizier distributation 26-03-2020
  Essential Item Vehicle Exemption to Police 26-03-2020
  Directior Agriculture Marketing Board Food Delivey 26-03-2020
  cordon off duties order 26-03-2020
  Wild Life and Forest Vehicle Permission 25-03-2020
  Uninterupted Food Supply Direction 25-03-2020
  Online Home Delivery Exemption Police 25-03-2020
  Mask Distrubation 25-03-2020
  Karmik Order for DSO 25-03-2020
  Direction for SDM 25-03-2020
  Covid Sampark Cell 25-03-2020
  Control Room Officer for Food Delivery 25-03-2020
  Bhamashah samiti 25-03-2020
  Assistant OIC Order 25-03-2020
  Control Room Essential Samagri 24-03-2020
  Covid Station wise Order Revised 23-3-2020
  PHED Water Supply Direction 23-03-2020
  Letter to Nagar Nigam Clean 23-03-2020
  Food Arrangement DDICDS 23-03-2020
  Direction for no Leave Karmik 23-03-2020
  Daily Meeting 4.00 PM and Food Supply 23-03-2020
  Covid Station Wise OIC Order update 23-03-2020
  Corono Direction 23-03-2020
  Press Note Collectrate 22-03-2020
  OIC CORONA CELL 22-03-2020
  Corono Direction 22-03-2020
  Authorization for Permit Pass 22-03-2020
  Appeal to Sikh Samaj 22-03-2020
  Covid Station wise Order 21-3-2020
  Vikas Shakha Karmik Order 21-03-2020
  Report to DSO 21-03-2020
  Direction to Divisonal Railway Manager 21-03-2020
  Advisory By DM 21-03-2020
  Corono Direction 20-03-2020
  Dhara 144 letter Jaipur Rural 18-03-2020
  Corono Direction 18-03-2020
  Civil Defence Team at Rooms & Entry Gates Heritage NN 18-03-2020
  Mopping Direction letter 17-03-2020
  Corono Direction 17-03-2020
  Corona Direction 15-03-20