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The city of Jaipur is well known for its tourist places, historical monuments and rich culture. It contributes to a great extent to India’s tourism industry.

People from small villages and towns migrate to bigger cities in search of employment and better lifestyle. Jaipur is one of those cities where people like to migrate to, and hence, they tend to increase the population of the city to a great extent. Jaipur offers great education facilities and this also becomes one of the reasons of migration. All these migrants contribute to the overall population of the city.

There has been a rapid growth of trade and business opportunities which attract people from all across India to invest here. Lately, Jaipur has developed as another business hub of the nation and big multinational companies are investing in setting up their businesses here. All of this industrial growth has opened doors to employment in large numbers and the Government of Rajasthan is also looking into measures which can be taken to provide a better standard of living to the population of the city.


Recent calculations suggest that the present population of Jaipur is district is 80 lakh. Census 2011 suggests the district’s population as 66,26,178. This number includes 34,68,507 males and 31,57,671 females.

The district is mostly occupied by people of Hindu religion. It is observed that 89% of the local population follows Hindu religion. 7% of the district’s population follows Islam religion. The remaining 4% of the population is constituted by the people who follow Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikh religions.

The languages which are spoken in this part of the country are Hindi, English, Rajasthani and Punjabi.

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